The Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary 2015

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by Escape Committee

AK Press


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In its third year of production, the Bottled Wasp is much more than just another diary. On every page it features choice nuggets of radical history coupled with tasteful quarter-tone illustrations. This year's theme is the International Anti-Fascist Struggle (previous editions featured Radical Arts and Prisoner Support), covering its entire history of the fight against ultra-nationalism, fascism in its myriad of forms, and Nazism around the world. Our monthly features on individuals, groups, and events in the 2015 edition range from German carpenter Johann Georg Elser and his attempt to assassinate Adolph Hitler to Greek guerrilla granny Lela Carayannis; from the Bradford 12 to the Tinsley Park 5; and the Battle Of Bermondsey in 1937 to the Italian "Strategy of Tension"; not forgetting Gerda Taro, Todor Dzekov aka ‘Terrorist X’, and the role of Polish syndicalists in the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Something for everyone, and more besides.

The Bottled Wasp project is a not-for-profit fundraiser, with all profits from the diaries going to organizations and charities working with prisoners, in particular the Anarchist Black Cross network.